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After completing their research and development period as part of the Code Creatives residency program, The Stream Project are now creating their second piece; Wired:2. In March Wired:2 will be showing in the foyer at FACT, Liverpool in association with TILO. For more information on Wired:2 please have a look at our blog.

The Stream Project brings together cutting-edge neuro-technology with contemporary dance performance, culminating in a multi-media explosion of dance, art and science. It focuses on bringing scientific exploration into a creative environment, taking full advantage of the visual and auditory possibilities already being used within the field. Wired is an exciting collaboration between dance performance, neuroscience, sound and lighting, culminating in a live-feed multi-media performance.

4rN40M05bmEuSZhNlWz8RQOlCB-SmqrnkV2mzuedC_8We are particularly interested in brainwave data which uses electroencephalography (EEG), and how a performer can respond physically to the live feedback of that data either sonically or visually. We have used the dancer’s heart rate and respiratory volume as well as EEG to produce the sound score to which the dancer responds to with improvised performance. We have converted EEG and HR into movement, sound and light.  The dancer’s physiology has created the sound score of the work-in-progress, and we now have Dr Gavin Wayte on the project team who has composed a piece of music which is stimulated by the dancer’s physiological data. We worked with a program coder and lighting designer to develop a live feedback system that reflects the dancers physiology within the moment by moment lighting state. This means that all elements of the performance have been created either directly, or as a response to the dancers physiological data recorded during performance. This creates a loop of responses that is visually and sonically intriguing.

This project has received Arts Council funding and has been partner funded by Manchester Metropolitan University.


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Mindwave headset

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